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Windows 10 visually impaired -

Windows 10 visually impaired -

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Windows 10 new accessibility features roll out for visually impaired users - SlashGear.How to Make Windows 10 More Accessible For People With Low Vision | Beebom 



Low Vision Accessibility Settings For Windows 10


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- Windows 10 Settings for Low Vision - Low Vision Accessibility Task Force

  Generally, the magnifier is very simple and though it's no Magic or ZoomText, for most of us it'll get the job done. Thank you for your feedback! If text and other items on the desktop are too small, you can make them larger without changing the screen resolution or turning on Magnifier. If you struggle to read white subtitles on a video , movie or television show, especially on a light background, you can use the Closed Captions feature to edit the colors and backgrounds of any caption text. Narrator is the built-in screen reader that reads text on your screen aloud and describes events, such as notifications or calendar appointments. Loading Comments To change the sizes:.    

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